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Critiques, Copyediting, Line-Editing & Developmental Editing Services

The Perfect Write® Manuscript Critique

The Perfect Write® Manuscript Critique Service provides a 2-3 page evaluation of a manuscript from the perspective of the work’s potential for publication by a major royalty publisher or quality indie. After parsing your manuscript, the critique will be based on premise, strength of the characters, quality of the exposition and dialogue, and overall readability. The author will receive suggestions that can range from 1) a minor touch up; 2) the need to have the work copy/line-edited; or 3) the opinion that the piece will be best served by comprehensive developmental editing.

New, for Authors! Free Opening-Chapter Critique!

The Perfect Write® is now providing authors with a Free Opening Chapter Critique and Line Edit. Paste the first chapter of your manuscript (up to 5,000 words) to [email protected] (no attachments). In addition to the critique, also at No Charge, The Perfect Write® will line edit, time permitting and if applicable, up to the first three pages of your double-spaced material.

The Perfect Write® Manuscript Critique Fee Structure

The Perfect Write® fee for reading and critiquing a manuscript is $2 per page of double-spaced material that would fit on a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ format, with 1″ margins all around, providing for approximately 280 words per page. All reading work is based on 280 words per page, and there is a 50 page or $100 minimum fee for the reading of any manuscript material (all fees charged by The Perfect Write® for any of our services are U.S. dollars). Lead time is approximately 30 days from the acceptance of material, and The Perfect Write® reserves the right to refuse any manuscript for any reason.

The Perfect Write® Manuscript Copyediting Service

The author’s manuscript will be returned with proper punctuation and free of typographical errors. Syntax errors will be corrected and improper word usage will be addressed. If deemed necessary, examples of improved passages of exposition and/or dialogue will be offered. The fee for this service is $5 to $6 per 280-word page.

The Perfect Write® Line-Editing and Fee Structure

The Perfect Write® will read the first 50 pages of the manuscript. Our standard reading fee of $2 per 280-word page will apply. In addition to a critique, we will return up to the first 5000 words of the narrative with revisions to enable an evaluation of our copy/line-editing proficiency. If it is felt that we are the right editor for the project, The Perfect Write® will also provide a quote at a level rate of $8 to $10 per 280-word page for the line-edit of the entire manuscript. Copyediting is included in this fee, and the lead time for line-editing is predicated on what we have in our manuscript queue, but will generally range from 45 to 60 days.

The Perfect Write® Developmental Editing Service

In addition to critiques and copy/line-editing, The Perfect Write® offers comprehensive Developmental Editing that takes a manuscript from its inception to the finished product, commonly requiring three months or more to bring to completion. The Perfect Write® Developmental Editing Service is particularly beneficial for the author who is not seeking a ghost writer, but feels that a work is stalled and desires professional direction and expertise each step along the way.

The Perfect Write® Developmental Editing Process and Fee Structure

The Perfect Write® will require reading the full manuscript. Our standard reading fee of $2 per 280-word page will apply. After this read is completed, a detailed critique will be provided, along with the fee for developmental editing at a level rate of from $15 to $25 per 280-word page.


The Perfect Write® Query Letter Service

Free Query Letter Review and Analysis, a $62.50 Value!

Post your query to [email protected] (no attachments) and visit the Sample Letters Page for examples of successful query letters.

Should our results-proven query writing service be of interest, query letters crafted by The Perfect Write® are $125.00 for a single 8 1/2″ x 11″ page, regardless of word count.

Query Letter and Agent Sourcing Special Offer!

For a limited time, The Perfect Write® will craft a query letter and provide comprehensive contact information for three literary agents in the correct genre of an author’s work for $125.00. E-mail your query information to [email protected]


The Perfect Write® Professional Letter Writing Service

The Credo by Which The Perfect Write® Was Founded

The common thread that applies to all successful people is the ability to communicate effectively. However, most individuals, in all aspects of their daily and professional lives, speak volumes more than they write. Therefore it is only natural that the overwhelming majority of people are more adept at verbalizing their thoughts than committing them to a written medium. But when an issue must be documented, composing the ideal rhetoric can result in hours–or sometimes days–of frustration and anxiety. And after the correspondence is finished, the person may still ask, “Does my letter accurately reflect what I want to say?” If you have ever posed this question to yourself, then you understand the reason for–and value of–The Perfect Write®

Personal Applications for The Perfect Write®

The Perfect Write® can…

• Accentuate your credentials for a prospective employer via a search-oriented resume and personalized cover letter;

• Propose yourself, or sponsor another person, for membership in a country club or social group;

• Enable you to present yourself in the best light to someone of special interest;

• Aid you in a dispute with a neighbor or landlord;

• State your position, either passively or aggressively, to an organization;

• Write the local, city, state, or Federal government with a complaint;

• Argue an unfair sales practice;

• Offer a compelling reason for a fee reduction by a service provider.

Only your imagination limits the way you can utilize The Perfect Write® for your benefit.

The Perfect Write® offers comprehensive editing services, from manuscript critiques to complete revisions, including line-editing, along with query letter design and composition. For pricing, send your project requirements to [email protected]

Please click this link for The Perfect Write® fee structure for business and personal letters.