About Us

My name is Robert L. Bacon, and after a 30-year career in sales and marketing, predominantly in the healthcare industry, I founded The Perfect Write® as a means to provide editorial assistance for novelists, as well as a medium to craft confidential professional correspondence for individuals in both the private and business sectors.

I have written six novels—three mysteries and three thrillers—and three of my works were represented by respected New York agents. I have also facilitated Developmental, Intermediate, and Advanced Writing Workshops sponsored by The Palm Beach County Library System. I offer the syllabuses and notes for each of these series at no charge to anyone who would like to conduct writing workshops in a community setting.

During my three decades in the business world I created tomes of advertising copy and promotional material, including sales presentations, phone pitches, sell sheets, training manuals, technical papers in numerous medical disciplines–and several successful business plans.

And throughout my career, executives at all levels asked me to write their letters. Yet when I inquired about why my writing was special, no one could ever provide a definitive answer. I came to realize that the art of writing well is a gift, and this is why I feel The Perfect Write® can make a valuable contribution toward helping people realize their goals.

Should you still be wondering if The Perfect Write® is right for you, every word you have read thus far was written by me. So what do you think? Could I put my talent to work for you, whether to edit your novel or assist you in preparing professional correspondence?

And to answer an obvious question, my pledge to you is that I will always personally write or oversee any material crafted by The Perfect Write®.


To Contact The Perfect Write®

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone: 407-878-0148

Write:  1530 Arrowhead Trail,

Enterprise, FL 32725

Robert L. Bacon

The Perfect Write® offers comprehensive editing services, from manuscript critiques to complete revisions, including line-editing, along with query letter design and composition.

For serious authors, The Perfect Write® offers a FREE OPENING-CHAPTER CRITIQUE (of material up to 5,000 words). Paste your material to the body of an e-mail (no attachments) and send to [email protected]

The Perfect Write®  also provides FREE QUERY LETTER REVIEW AND ANALYSIS, a $62.50 Value. Paste your query to [email protected] (no attachments) and visit the Sample Letters Page  for examples of successful query letters.