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2888 Quantum Lakes Drive
Boynton Beach, FL  33426
November 13, 2008

Ms. ….., Literary Agent
Agency Name
Street Address
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Dear Agent:

In 1908, the residents of an Indiana farming community learn they harbored the most prolific female mass murderer in American history.  One hundred years later, while on vacation with his wife, criminologist Thomas Sawyer happens upon a lake near the town that still cannot escape the stigma of Belle Gunness.

He is interested in building a summer home to avoid the Florida hurricane season.  But when
he inquires about the ownership of the property, a caretaker tells him, “The lake owns itself.”  While bemused by the absurdity of the statement, what he learns about three recent murders–
and their uncanny connection to the past–convinces him that he is privy to the eerie truth.
He discovers a secret so dark it threatens to destroy his life, and everyone around him.

Written in short, fast-paced chapters, DEAD LAKE is a 75,000 word tale of heinous crime, betrayal, greed, and lust; all overridden by two people whose love for each other is stronger
than the evil that surrounds them.  While far from a cozy, DEAD LAKE does not depict graphic violence, but focuses on a relationship that is intimate, compassionate, and faithful.  DEAD LAKE is also the opening installment in a trilogy, of which DEAD SHADOW and DEAD PREDATOR are also completed works.

Two of my previous novels, one a mystery and the other a thriller, were represented by respected New York agents.  I facilitate creative writing workshops sponsored by The Palm Beach County Library System, and I am the founder of The Perfect Write™, a full-service editorial agency.
I appreciate your consideration, and a SASE is enclosed for your reply


Robert L. (Rob) Bacon
[email protected]



2025 Lavers Circle, D-308
Delray Beach, FL  33444
January 25, 1999

Ms. …….. ………, Literary Agent
Agency Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip,

Dear Ms. ………:

.. ……. recently provided editorial expertise during the finishing stage of my topical thriller FIRST STRIKE.  Mr. …….. has expressed considerable enthusiasm for the manuscript and recommended I contact you regarding the possible representation of this work.  Please consider:

HIV, CIA, Ph.D.; CIA, HIV, Ph.D.; Ph.D., HIV, CIA; whatever the order, only one segment
from each of these groups could have possibly destroyed prehistoric life on this planet.
But in any sequence–when combined–these components form the current nucleus for the potential destruction of mankind.

Science fiction?  Absolutely not.  Complete fiction?  An impossibility to know.

In 1960 the United States government is alarmed when a U2 surveillance mission discovers
a massive crater near the border of Tibet and China.  Our State Department orchestrates a research grant for a young archeologist to lead an expedition, under the pretext of searching
for Buddhist artifacts in Tibet. He is unaware of the real purpose behind the mission, which
is to determine if the Red Chinese have nuclear capability.

But what is unearthed during the expedition is far more disturbing than the Red Chinese potential for nuclear proliferation.  The discovery provides a plausible explanation for the death of the dinosaurs–and the emanation of the HIV virus.

Thank you for your courtesy and consideration.  I look forward to your response.  A synopsis and SASE are enclosed.


Robert L. Bacon
561-733-5898 (H)
561-733-5897 (F)