Terms of Agreement

This Agreement is between you, hereafter called “Contractor,” and The Perfect Write®, hereafter called “Agent.”

For a fee, Agent agrees to provide written correspondence and/or editing services for Contractor as outlined in information provided by Agent’s Web site or via other media utilized by Agent.

Agent is not responsible if Contractor conveys material that Agent edits or revises from which Contractor can be sued by any entity or individual.  Even though Agent may be editing or revising Contractor’s material in part or in whole, Contractor owns all content at all times, and is responsible for all content at all times, and agrees to hold Agent harmless for any negative condition that may occur as a result of Contractor conveying material that is provided to Contractor by Agent, whether or not Contractor’s material is edited or revised by Agent in any way.  In the event of an award for damages against Agent, such award shall be limited to the fee charged to Contractor by Agent.

Agent reserves the right to refuse submission material from any Contractor for any reason that Agent determines this material to be objectionable; i.e, Agent will not accept any material from Contractor that Agent deems patently offensive; not limited to, but including, racial invective, flagrant intimidation, promoting terrorist actions or innuendo of same, vulgarity (unless the language is necessary to substantiate a profanity complaint), and pornographic content.

Specifically related to any and all manuscript material edited by agent, whether critiqued, copy/line edited or developmentally edited, in part of in whole, and in any combination thereof, agent does not warrant, guarantee, or in any way imply that any material edited by agent for contractor will be published by a royalty publisher for which the contractor will be paid a fee.

If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, all other Terms and Conditions of this Agreement will remain in effect.