A lot of writers write with an ideal reader in mind, smart, sympathetic, articulate. My ideal reader is Rob Bacon. He understands the humor, novelty, poetic language, complex characters, and deep emotions that I’m after; he gets it. Which doesn’t mean he lets me get away with being sloppy, or trite, or inconsistent; he keeps me honest. Moreover, he acts as an advocate for the typical reader, pointing out where the storyline might be confusing, unbelievable, or, worst of all, boring; he helps me keep my audience engaged. Rob’s enthusiasm for my work is one reason why I continue to write. Tim Van Hook, California

First and foremost, the trust I have in your counsel is unsurpassed.  You have guided me on numerous paths in the writing and publishing world, and that guidance has made the difference in success and failure for me as an author.  Your perspective as an author yourself gives you such a special view of other writers’ work.  You feel what we feel, think like we think, and above all understand our pain in this sometimes frustrating profession.  And, you never forget to encourage and poke us now and again to keep us doing what we love to do: Write! Stephanie Pemberton, England

My heartfelt thanks to you for caring enough about me and my work to give me the very best of you and your wonderful expertise! Author of THE UNWILLING SPY, MADAME DELAFLOTE, and THE BOARDINGHOUSE, Sue Chamblin Frederick, Georgia

Aspiring novelists and published writers alike can be assured of a high-level critique by Robert L. Bacon, notwithstanding his affordable rates. His analysis covers everything from plot holes, character development, scene description, dialogue, punctuation, grammar and style, to manuscript formatting–or a pat on the back when deserved. Receiving a critique from Robert L. Bacon, while following his Newsletter advice, is like taking a full course in writing. My ten-times-over-rewritten manuscript benefited tremendously under his authoritative scrutiny, to the point that I now submit it with utmost confidence. I will be forever grateful for his having directed me. C. E. Noel, Mexico

Rob Bacon has edited many books and written innumerable articles over the past twenty-plus years, and it shows. In his newsletter he covers topics from the basics of writing and proper grammar to the most inside information on who is doing what to whom in the entire industry. When you present to a book club or library, you will be the source of knowledge. I would pay to receive his newsletter. Fortunately, it is still free. Author of THE BRONZE HORSEMEN Series, David Mallegol, Florida

Rob places himself in the middle of a story and recognizes the flaws that most writers will miss! If something is out of place in your storyline, Rob will find it. He’s made my work better and showed me the next steps to take. Thanks, Rob. James Babb, Arkansas

Robert Bacon was with me all the way – from reading my manuscript to extremely helpful query letters, even suggesting interested agents. I am so happy to have worked with him and look forward to sending him my next YA novel. Estelle Feldman, Florida

Anyone looking for an A-class critic, look no further, Rob is the one.  His editorial services are prime-time worthy.  There’s no doubt that I’ll be seeking his advice for the sequel of my novel.  And, yes, did I mention that his rates are some of the lowest? Raj Bijloll, Mauritius

Rob Bacon boasts a virtue that’s all too rare in the publishing field these days: promptness. He also knows what he’s talking about. I consider him a highly valuable asset. Neal Storrs, New Jersey

You are my hero. I have read and re-read your wonderful critique, and I find new things every time that are helpful. Your critique was so insightful for me, written with true concern and humor, and you shared deep knowledge about what is important for me to know to be successful. You really care about me  and my creations, and that’s what encourages me to keep going.  I’m so grateful to have you in my corner in this journey. Can’t thank you enough. Suzanne Warfield, Pennsylvania

Rob was very professional and helpful throughout the editing process. He gave me great insights into my story, which helped me improve it tremendously. Of particular importance, the pace of the plot quickened, drawing in the reader much sooner. I was very pleased with the final product. Dan Bilodeau, Delaware

Keep your voice raised about publishing schemes. Authors have long been a huge, juicy market for predators, so I certainly appreciate The Perfect Write® Newsletter and your commentary on what to watch out for in the industry. Thank you for your commitment to writers. Katherine Kama’eam’a Smith, Hawaii

Robert Bacon saw the story in the mess and helped me get it in a developmental process that I urge anyone who is serious about the craft to consider as important as paper and ink. This book would not have been possible without his love of writing, skill as an editor, and the way he pointed out mistakes and told me how to fix them. Author of THE ORACLE BONE, Scott Mallory, California

I submitted my shell of a manuscript to Mr. Bacon for a critique. I had no idea he was so talented. He came up with suggestions and ideas for my story that literally made it come alive. He is frank, honest, and worth every penny. If you aren’t subscribed to his Newsletter, do it right away. He explains things in a way that you just get it. I wouldn’t work with anyone but him. Michelle White, Florida.

Discovering Robert Bacon was like finding gold. In the last six months he’s given me more insight into the world of publishing, as well as editing my own book, DRUGS, GUNS, AND MONEY, than everyone else combined since I began writing. One of the best in the business, I really can’t say enough good things about the guy. I have no doubt that if I’d known Mr. Bacon a few years earlier I’d be an established author by now. Frank Geiger, New Jersey

I cannot offer enough praise for Robert Bacon. Over the years Rob has been an instrumental part of my writing journey. He has helped me with everything from plot development to creating memorable characters and has edited and line-edited my manuscripts. Rob is also a master at devising query letters that get positive agent response. With Rob by my side, I know my stories will be their best. He is honest, hard-working, and believes in his clients. Working with Rob has been the best decision I’ve made in my writing career. Caryn DeVincenti, Florida

Working with Robert Bacon has been both a pleasure and an education. He analyzed my script and found flaws that had gone unnoticed in both the storyline and other elements that needed attention. Rob’s critique was exacting yet he made it his goal to stand in my shoes as the script was put into shape. The comforting result is that Rob treated me as an equal and all decisions were my own. He covered what needed to be done and what could be done. It was an enlightening experience and I would recommend his services to any serious writer. Producer for the Broadway Production of RASPUTIN, Ted Meskers, New Jersey

Rob is a great editor for any unpublished writer. He has the knowledge and patience to guide your story to conclusion. He’s honest and I recommend him. Vince Barrington, Tennessee

When I contacted Rob Bacon, I had run out of ideas. My novel was as good as I could make it. Then Rob showed me how to make it better. What is something like this worth? To me, it’s worth everything. I now understand that novel writing is not merely one pencil, one keyboard against the universe. It’s a collaborative effort. You write a story as best you can, and then you find a good editor. It was my great luck to find Rob. Sterling Brown, New Jersey

Rob, Tom Brokaw called today. Your letter did it. He requested six stories. I’ll keep you informed. Don Scheer, Florida

Robert L. Bacon took my old query letter apart and put it back together again. I sent eight queries to specific agents. I got FOUR positive responses, including an offer to read the whole manuscript (that’s rare!), and just days later I had a contract with a New York literary agent. Sounds easy? I’ve been working on “A Private Showing” for years! Thanks, Rob. Martha Moffett, Florida

Robert Bacon did not just critique my book, he directed it. He understood my vision and knew what the audience would expect from my characters. He gave me exactly the kind of advice I needed to see my book not just from the editor’s point of view but from that of the reader. Sirena Gibson, New Mexico

Above and beyond the call of duty might be things they say in the military, but I think these words apply to Mr. Bacon perfectly. His insightful critiques are unlike any criticism I’ve received from anyone else; prudent and yet critical, and always relevant to the publishing industry. Later, I decided to have Mr. Bacon line-edit my manuscript, and it’s quite amazing to end up with a gleaming novel that reads just like the ones in bookstores. Rob, you’re amazing! Ali Al-Ebrahim, Kuwait

I’ve worked with Rob for nearly two years and realized very early what a gem of an editor he is. An agent at a writer’s conference said, “The ideal editor will not just point out what is wrong with your writing, but will spend an equal amount of time explaining what is right about it.” It was then that I realized just how good Rob is and will be for my writing. I wholeheartedly recommend his services, and do so whenever I can. Author of I, WALTER, Mike Hartner, Canada

Robert L. Bacon has an extraordinary gift for writing queries. In less than two weeks after his editing my query, I received an answer from a New York-based agency, asking for my entire manuscript. Barbara Weitzner, Florida

Using your advice, and combing through my book using that advice, I have created a book that is now receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon!  Thank you for being so frank and for being a man who knows his stuff and is willing to help first-time writers. Lesley Broster Kinch, England

Robert Bacon cleaned the corners and closets of an otherwise dusty manuscript. Ron Dunham, Pennsylvania